Your city break in a unique destination: Welcome to Brussels

Grand PlaceIf you are off to visit Brussels, you are in for a unique city break. Stay in one of our cheap hotels, hostels, apartments or bed and breakfasts and experience “Bruxelles” (the French name for Brussels) which, while being a historic city, has reinvented itself and added new facets to its appearance as few other European city destinations have done. Discover for yourself and let yourself be captivated by the “Capital of Europe”…

EU buzz and a relaxed lifestyle in Brussels

Visitors may be surprised by the easy-going lifestyle which justifies the city’s reputation of having a Mediterranean feel to it. Maybe that is also why Brussels and Belgium are home to countless cartoon heroes, with the whole Comic Museum plus a comic path through the city dedicated to Tintin, the Smurfs etc… moules and friesThe nation prides itself on its mussels, fries, beer and waffles, and the Belgians love to indulge in their culinary specialties. With the locals accustomed to being surrounded by an international crowd, you will find it easy to mingle with them while enjoying a plate of “Moules frites” or a glass of fantastic Belgian lager…

Brussels is an international hub at a European crossroads

EU Building What certainly defines Brussels’ appearance and world wide reputation today is its rising status as the “Capital of Europe” since the 1960s. Even though never officially declared as such, the headquarters of the European Parliament, the European Commission and numerous other institutions of the European Union do not leave any doubt that this is a major hub of European politics. And there is more to Brussels’ position as a centric point in Europe: During your stay in one of our discount hotels, hostels, apartments or bed and breakfasts, you can easily take a high-speed train which will get you to Paris, London or Amsterdam in under two hours. Not to mention the medieval gems which you will still find in Belgium: Brugge, Ghent, Antwerp or Leuven are all only between 30 minutes and an hour away, adding even more exciting destinations for you to discover during your Brussels city break!

Hotels near popular Brussels tourist attractions


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